March 24, 2005

Early Easter!



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Today the boys received dinosaur eggs in the mail compliments of grandma and grandpa. How cool!! I was at the gym when they arrived and they waited for me so I could see them open their package. Inside of the eggs are miniature dinosaurs in milk, white and dark chocolate. Jeremy proceeded to take a bit out of the egg and then set his sights on an unsuspecting T-Rex. This boy has always loved dinosaurs, John just loves chocolate!

Kevin hard boiled a bunch of eggs this morning and we are going to dye them this evening after dinner. Pictures to follow of the eggstra special event. (Don't you just love those cheesy puns!)

I am off to the store. I made hamburger casserole for dinner and the boys have requested biscuits. Don't let the word casserole fool you, it is delicious! I also ran out of vacuum cleaner bags *gasp.* I have not vacuumed in 24 hours and I am beginning to feel feverish. Must.Vacuum. Now!


Jersey Girl said...

I was just checking the blog when these photos popped up - a most pleasurable surprise. John, did you lose another tooth? Enjoy the eggs and the dinosaurs! Happy Easter. I love you, too.

Donna Boucher said...

Great photos!
I am finally able to comment :o)
Do you really vacuum every day?
My husband would just love you!

Laney said...

Yes Donna, I do vacuum everyday and to be honest my husband does not love it, LOL! He just tolerates it. I have overheard him say, "She's got the vacuum out before the crumb hits the floor." :-)

CMB said...

I love the easter eggs! What a great idea - you're Mom is so cool. Laney - I finally posted again on my blog. I have to do it more often - it's like therapy!

gina said...

I just stopped by to thank you so much for your prayers. Mackenna's cysts are benign and I am so RELIEVED. I will be praying tonight for all of the parents who don't get good news. I just boiled some eggs, we'll be doing ours tonight. Dinosaur eggs! HOW COOL. .:here's to super cool grandparents:. Thank you for your support!