March 23, 2005

Idols and Science

Tonight we watched the American Idol replay because someone made a faux pas with the telephone numbers used for voting on last nights show. Conspiracy theory Kevin, thinks it was all a hoax to get dumb television viewers us to watch again. (In case you are wondering, we did not watch AI last night, nor have we ever voted for any of the contestants.) I was thinking about going on American Idol but I was reminded of two little things: 1) I can't sing 2) I can't sing, in addition to being too old. Wait, that's three things. Oh never mind, the first two are the most important. I did however, consider some songs I would sing should I ever make it to Idol. A personal favorite of mine is "September", can't you just see everyone getting up to leave applauding as I croon, "Do you remember..." The other one that I think would be a show stopper is "Pulling Muscles From the Shell." America will never know what they are missing!!

O.K. I can not believe I just blogged about American Idol!

Today we moved onto the human body and the boys and I had fun finding each others pulses. I showed then where their pulses are and it was fun to see their faces when they felt the beats beneath their skin. They especially liked the pedal pulse on the top of the foot!

We have also begun our research for their science fair projects. John is going to be doing tornados and Jeremy is doing dinosaurs. Yesterday Jeremy and I got out the Crayola clay and make imprints of some of his dinosaurs feet. We will let them harden and present them as fossils, along with a description of the dinosaur that the fossil represents. He also had a great idea to separate the dinos into carnivores and herbivores. I suggested we make a diorama and he really liked that idea. John and I went to the Weather Channel website to do some tornado categorization research. We borrowed some great books from the library but is an amazing wealth of information. I have been in awe of their ideas and the clear direction they both have for their projects. I am so proud of them!


Jersey Girl said...

So glad I checked before going to bed - I missed your blog yesterday. Good job on the science fair projects guys!

mamabear said...

when we get back from our trip to Oregon, I'd be happy to send your boys pictures of Mt St Helens, and any other information we pick up while we are there. Might be fun for them to see the volcano in real pictures, versus something they see on the internet or in books. Let me know what you think. You can email me at if you want to send me your address for pictures.

mamabear said...

ps-how old are your boys, and what state do you live in?

Karin said...

I let my girls watch American Idol as their one exposure to pop culture, and I make it a learning experience (e.g. when they worked in groups they got to see how groups should and shouldn't work together, the shallowness of the focus on looks, etc.) However, we don't have time to sit there and watch a show redone! As for the conspiracy, it costs a fortune to redo a show, so if that's the case, someone must have a lot of money to throw around.