March 25, 2005

Loose Teeth and Old Ladies

Sometimes my kids totally crack me up. Yesterday John lost another tooth. He is a lot like me, I could not stand pulling teeth out too early. It had to be, literally, hanging by a thread before I would pull that sucker out. So yesterday he looses the tooth and Kevin tells him to go put it up in his tooth fairy pillow. John looked at him funny but I was the only one who caught the look. Hmmm, something's up! Last night we are tucking him in and Kevin asks John if he put the tooth in the pillow and he got that look again. "Daddy," he said very seriously, "What do you and mommy do with all of our teeth?" From here on out I will refer to my husband as, "Caught in the Headlights ." Caught in the headlights says, "What are you talking about, the tooth fairy takes them." John says, "Daddy, past 7 it is uncommon to believe in the Easter bunny. I know you take my teeth." Caught in the headlights and I look at each other and laugh. That kid is funny!!

Today Kevin had to work so I took the kids down to the mall. Jeremy needed a decent pair of shoes for church and nice places, "like meetings or something." His words, not mine. The boys were so well behaved, I didn't have to use my whip at all! (That is a JOKE) I took them to McDonalds for lunch and then to Nordstrom for shoes. I know, I know. Nordstrom? I have found their prices to be cheaper than Stride Rite or other department stores. My mother drilled into my head about kids having "good arch support" so I spend a little more on shoes. On a side note my husband will be happy to know I showed tremendous self-control and did not purchase the most absolutely adorable pair of sandals by Steve Madden for myself. I should have though because what about my arches? Anyway, Jeremy chose a really cool pair of sneakers and I knew he loved them because he had that cute little grin on his face.

Purchases in hand we began our l-o-n-g journey back to the truck. Sometimes it is just easier to park far away. We were walking thru Nordstrom and Jeremy asks me, "Mommy, can old ladies drink soda?" I told him that they could drink soda if they wanted to and that seemed to satisfy his curiosity. It makes me wonder what he was thinking about to ask me that question. That kid is funny.


Dy said...

Oh, Laney! Your boys are so precious. I just love reading your stories of the world from their perspective. Thank you for sharing them w/ me- they never fail to bring a smile and the thought that you're so very blessed.

Love the new name for your deer hubby! LOL! How funny.


gina said...

See what I'm saying? It's book worthy, I'm telling you...