March 12, 2005

How Unexpected!!

How Unexpected!! Posted by Hello

Today was another very busy day. Kevin had to work and I had two classes, in two different gyms. The boys came with me and they were so helpful and well behaved, I was overwhelmed with compliments from the girls at the gym daycare. It was 11:30 by the time I was done teaching and to say my legs are sore is an understatement!

After we arrived home, Joe passed out and I went in the shower. I had just finished drying my hair when the doorbell rang and a man was standing there with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. These are for Elaine, he said, there is a card attached. I thanked him and took the glorious bunch in my arms. The card read simply, "I Love You, Kevin." Awwww!! The perfect end to a less than perfect week. I love that guy.

"More than anything I must have flowers, always, always!" ~Claude Monet


RANDI said...


What a nice guy!

I like the quote at the top of your blog about homeschooling being a marathon. My oldest daughter is almost 17 and our youngest is 3. The closer we get to being "done" with our oldest, the more I am convinced that homeschooling is an awesome blessing for all involved! I am so glad we didn't give up during the tough times!

Donna Boucher said...

I'm so happy you got flowers!
So lovely!

mamabear said...

Oh, the flowers are so beautiful!
Isn't it wonderful having a husband who loves you so much.
oh-and I love his little comments he makes on your blog once in a while.
Hope your Sunday is a blessed one.

Karin said...

Beautiful flowers! How do you teach three fitness classes in one day (last post)? I was once certified and taught at a YMCA in Canada, but never more than one class a day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting so I could find you.

Jody said...

Yea! I love suprise gifts. Flowers, chocolate, you name it. Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. We'll link you...

Meg said...

Oh that Kevin is SUCH a sweetheart! How nice to get those unexpected things! I have no idea how you could teach three classes in a are my hero! (wink)

CMB said...

You and your husband have such a great relationship! That is so great to see. You are an awesome woman to teach all those classes, teach your children and take care of your hubby!