March 21, 2005

Odyssey and Stomach Aches

We had a very busy weekend, again! Saturday we headed down to my dear friend Meg's house for her little guy's 2nd birthday. The kids had such a good time, as did the adults. Meg always puts out such a wonderful variety of food and beverage, she never ceases to impress me. There were planned activities for the kids as well as a lot of just plain old fun! She purchased fun foam placemats and door hangers along with fun foam in assorted shapes. We now have in our possession two beautifully hand-crafted placemats and one fabulous door hanger. My boys were in their glory with the knights, fire-breathing dragons, police cars and sports foam. The best part: the foam was adhesive. Translation, no glue! Yippee!! We stayed late and didn't want to leave.

On the way home two of the three boys fell asleep, as expected. John, my little night owl kept me company. Last Spring some friends of ours from church gave us about 200 episodes of the Adventures in Odyssey radio stories put out by Focus on the Family. I highly recommend them, they are a welcome companion on long trips! We were listening to an adventure about the trials that we face here on earth and at the end a scripture reference is given. 2 Corinthians 4:18b "...for the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal." John was quite for a moment and then he said, "You know, mommy, I get what she means." I asked him what he got and he said, "You know this morning when the dumper on my backhoe got broken. Well I was upset but it was only for a little while. Me being a Christian and going to Heaven is forever." sniff, sniff. I told him he was absolutely right!

Today, I am not well. I have some sort of stomach issue, I will spare you the details. Kevin goes in to work tonight so he has been here all day helping keep Joe out of our spelling and grammar books. He sent me back to bed after lunch and there I stayed for 2 hours trying to decide if I was going to barf or not. Sorry, I know I said I would spare you the details. The good news is, I did not barf. The bad news is I will miss my Homeschool Mom's Night of Fellowship. Right now coffee and danish are not appealing to me so I will attend next time.

This week Kevin will be home from Tuesday-Thursday, the boys and I are thrilled. We are going to squeeze in some field trips, especially the long awaited for, Aquarium. Hopefully I will be feeling well by tomorrow.


Carrie said...

Oh, I can sympathize! Some weird stomach thing has been assailing our family also, and my tummy has been unsettled for almost two weeks! I pray that yours will not last long and you'll be back to health soon!

I whole-heartedly agree about "Adventures in Odyssey". Our library has several volumes, and we love listening to them on errand day -- it makes those long minutes in the van fly by!

Have a great week!

mamabear said...

We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Adventures in Odyssey in our house. Can't go anywhere without those CD's.
I'm sorry about your tummy. Seems like it's going around. My tummy hurt a while back. Remember?
Hope you're feeling better soon.

RANDI said...

Hope you are feeling better VERY soon, also hope that your kiddos stay well!

We are Odyssey fans here too. My boys listen to it every night before bed! One of our favorites is "It's a Pokenberry Christmas", a take-off of "It's a Wonderful Life".

gina said...

Now you've got me wanting to check out those CDs and wishing I had a Homeschooling moms Fellowship Night , it sounds fun. Feel better soon!

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