April 6, 2005

Pictures For Gina!


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Here are the refinished dressers, sorry I don't have any before pictures. The top photo is Kevin's dresser, it's rock maple but when he found it it was covered in black paint. He knew it was a good find when he was unable to move it. Also, the second drawer down opens up and resembles a secretary type desk. When we first moved in this house we had an antique dealer come and look at some furniture that the previous owners had left. She was not interested in the 1950's table, only the dressers that Kevin found in the garbage! The second photo is my dresser and Kevin's father found that one in the trash. He comes from a long line of garbage pickers!!

I vacuumed just for Donna, you can see the marks if you look closely.

Today was another glorious Spring day and we went to the park with my sister and her absolutely adorable baby boy. The boys were thrilled to ride their bikes in an open area instead of being confined to sidewalk jail. We put Joe on the swing and he laughed his funny laugh. His laugh is downright infectious!! The lady pushing her daughter on the swing next to us started to laugh at Joe laughing. I don't know what I did to deserve such a happy baby!


Donna Boucher said...

I love your bedroom. The color on the walls is so rich and makes the bedspread really look pretty.

Where did I write that vacuuming comment...I gotta watch myself...gabbing away out there in cyberspace?

I'm glad you are enjoying the wonderful Spring weather!

Your boys are just beautiful.

Laney said...

Donna, When I said I vacuumed everyday and you said your husband would love that.

You don't gab, you share!!!:-)

gina said...

Those are GREAT! How cool is that dresser(with the desk)?!I love the wall color too, your bedding really pops.

RANDI said...

Beautiful furniture! Amazing what people will throw away!

Donna Boucher said...

Now I remember :o)

I forgot about that just like I forgot to vacuum. tee hee...

But no wonder your hubby is smiling!

CMB said...

Nice furniture! You're bedroom is so pretty and very romantic.

I am sure the kids are in their glory with this fabulous weather!

Of course you deserve a happy baby - you're a happy girl!

mamabear said...

I too am guilty of dumpster diving for furniture. When we lived in MD in military housing I found it absolutely dumbfounding what people threw away when they vacated their quarters. I got some great dressers and a bookcase myself.

I love the color on your walls too! The color in my bedroom is just about that color too, just a little lighter. Check my blog later, I'll post a pic of my bedroom.
Have a great day, Laney!