July 29, 2005

C'mon Down! You're The Next Contestant On...

Wife Swap???

Yes, it's true, ABC television wants me for its reality television show! Imagine my surprise when I simply went to check my e-mail and happened upon this little gem:

Hi Laney!
I am a casting producer for ABC Television's Wife Swap and i came across your website while doing research for our show. I have a very strong interest in speaking to you about your family and potentially doing our show. We DO pay families for their time!!! Please give me a call for more details. Thanks so much and i look forward to hearing from you!

Lori M.
Associate Casting Producer

She included her phone number and e-mail, too. I have to admit, I was filled with pride immediately! Wife Swap wants me! I am going to be a star! Will I get my own trailer? My own hair and make-up person? Shoes!! Think of all the shoes I could buy! Somebody get me the phone! I was heady with excitement for about one minute.

But, there's always the "but", then I remembered what the show was all about. They take two families, polar opposite families, and mix them up. Suddenly the writing was on the wall! They chose me because I would be the "normal mom" thrown into a crazy situation. The thought of that made me queasy!

I can honestly say, I never had the desire to participate in their show, even after I was told that I would be compensated to the tune of ten thousand dollars. I have seen Wife Swap and I think I would suffer eternal disappointment if I did anything to disparage my family or the homeschool community. Some things are just not worth money or my dignity!

I was also bothered by a lie that they promote. The casting director told me that the shoot is only six days, not two weeks as the show leads you to believe. That really said it all! If they can mislead the public into thinking that the show lasts for two weeks, they can mislead the public into thinking my family is whatever they portray us as being. No, thank-you.

So, no trailer or make-up person. Worst of all, (sniff,sniff) no shoes.

Here's what Kevin said, "Make it fifty thousand and they've got themselves a deal!" Well! At least one of us has some scruples! he-he!!


CMB said...

Oh my goodness! That is cool, but scarey. Especially because I always wonder if people are who and what they say they are. The email could have came from some wacky person with a secret crush (or maybe I watch too many scarey movies!).

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Good for you!!!! NO amount of $$$ is worth sacrificing your dignity or the well-being of your family.
I am so proud of you!!! I know it was really cool to be asked, though. I knew you would never compromise yourself for money. It is so great to "know" an honorable woman of integrity.
Blessed be...

Jess said...

I told my mom about this (she's a reality TV junkie) and she said, "contact the lady" ROFL No thank you! We desperately need that kind of money but nothing is worth putting your family through that or not having control over the lessons you teach the public VIA the boob tube.

Hugs, how cool though!


RANDI said...

Oh my Gosh, Laney, I got the same email-and I am being serious! What a RIDICULOUS notion for a TV show!!!

Jules said...

Oh that is totally cool! But what's even cooler is that you refuse to allow your family to be exploited in that manner. Way to go!
I will admit that I watch the show- only because I find it funny and it always makes me feel so much better about my family's "quirkiness". After seeing what's out there, I can honestly say that my family is way too normal! And I like it that way!
Thanks also for your kind words this morning. It helps to know others have been through similar emotions. You are a sweetheart and I am thankful for your support- even if it is via cyberspace! ;)

Donna Boucher said...

This just cracks me up!

Tell that woman we would all go for a makeover show or a home decorating show :o)


Dy said...

LOL- see, at least you knew you'd be the "normal woman". My first thought would be "Oh SURE, they want us to be the post apocalyptic freaks in a normal family!" LOL.

Yeah, we wouldn't do it, either. Well, wait... maybe for the twenty percent down we need to get this stoopid property... hmmm...


Laney said...

ROFL, Dy!!

Now wait a minute, just because *I* think we are normal does not mean that the rest of the free world does!! :-)

CarolynM said...

I got the same email -- they are obviously looking for more homeschool families to tear apart. I have watched a couple episodes of that show and couldn't believe the stuff they encourage! They have never been "friendly" to homeschoolers.

I left a comment on a blog a few months ago when the HS mom was unaware of the show but inviting HS'ers to sign up. After reading my comments, she removed the entry and apologized to her readers for even suggesting the show might be ok.

So, like you, we are ignoring their "offer" but reveling in our "celebrity" -- and laughing at ABC in the process. Kudos to you for recognizing the greater importance of your family!

Jody said...

Scary show. Not that I've seen it, but Oprah did an episode about it and they really ripped on the mother who cared for her children... and made the mother who had 2 nannies seem OK.

Strange world, "reality" TV..

Writing and Living said...

Humph. I didn't get an e-mail. (lol)

I wouldn't do it, either, though. They are not friendly to homeschool families. And since those 6 days are edited down to about 12 minutes, they can make anybody look strange.

But I certainly would have liked the chance to turn them down!

gina said...

Hmmm, maybe those families really ARE strange, because it sure seems like none of the NORMAL ones would ever do the show. :)