August 1, 2005

The Dentist and the Happy Campers

Boy, I have not been very consistent in blogging lately, have I? I am not sure what the protocol is, but I admit, I like visiting blogs whose authors post everyday. I'm sorry I have not been one of them!

We had a busy weekend! My mother took John and Jeremy camping with her early Saturday morning, so we spent Friday packing the van and getting the boys ready. Originally, I was going to go with her but I decided not to this year. It's a lot with Joe and now we have the house on the market so I feel that I should be here. We had some traffic over the weekend and one couple was very serious about our house. We have it stated in our listing that the sale is contingent on our relocation, so if relocation does not happen, we don't move.

On Friday I had to take John to the dentist for the second time last week. He had an abscess in his tooth and the dentist decided to pull the tooth, his permanent tooth was beginning to come in and it was making that baby one very loose and ready to come out anyway. I was so nervous! He had an x-ray a couple of days before this and it was hard for him, poor thing. That thing they stick in your mouth is very rough on the gums and he kept pushing it out of the way with his tongue. He had tears in his eyes but he was very adamant that he was not crying, but the x-ray device was making his eyes water. I told him that it was alright if he was crying, that I understood how uncomfortable it was. (He has no idea how much I understood! I once had to have the nitrous gas for a cleaning!) He was so brave, but my heart was breaking for him.

When we had to go back on Friday for the extraction, I thought I was going to have to get the nitrous gas to get through the tooth pull ordeal. You would not believe John, he did great! Not a word of complaint or protest. Our dentist was wonderful, explaining what she was going to do, letting him see the tools and patiently answering his questions. After the tooth was out he told the dentist, "I like getting my teeth pulled better than I like getting x-rays." She laughed and said that was the first and only time she would probably ever hear that. I was so proud of my little man, I thought my heart would burst!

Friday night, Jeremy was crying and said he did not want to go camping because he would miss me too much. I told him he didn't have to go anywhere he did not want to and he could stay home with me and Joe. He didn't really want to stay home either, he wanted me to go with him. He looked at me with eyes full of big tears and said, "Mommy, why can't you just come?" I said that I would drive up in a few days and that made him feel better. I stayed in his bed rubbing his back and praying for him until he fell asleep. In the morning he felt better and was ready to go. I called them after they had been gone for about 2 hours and my mom said they were doing just fine. She said she would call when they arrived at the campground so the boys could say hi again. I was out when she called back but Kevin talked to Jeremy and he said, "Daddy, I don't miss you anymore!"

I knew he would be fine, he is with my mom, whom he adores, and his cousins and my mother's brothers and sisters. In the past, everyone in our family has gone camping together, a regular reunion in the woods! The boys just love to camp and I hate to deny them that pleasure. My mother could not wait to take them with her, she loves to see what new game or adventure they come up with in the woods or at the lake. Their cousins, two girls, are there with them and they are always so eager to do whatever the boys want to do. When my mom called yesterday she said the kids had been playing army and Nicole had a very important job. Her mother was calling her to come and get changed but she said, "Mom, I can't come now! John said I am the look-out and I can't leave my post!"

So they will be gone for the week and I am preparing our curriculum for next year. Wish me luck!


RANDI said...

I had to take my 3 year old to the dentist to get a cavity filled and right before the procedure started I had to walk out of the office for a few minutes and catch my breath because I was starting to hyperventilate! She was perfectly fine, though!!! I hope we dont have to do that again soon!

Enjoy your quiet week!

CMB said...

Poor baby! The dentist can be painful. The only bad experience I have had was when I was pregnant - other than that, I've been lucky. You're Mom is great - I am sure the boys will have a wonderful time. I can not wait to hear all about it.

Jess said...

First off, your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love older houses with tons of character! How many sq ft is it about? Now, if you could move it to N.C. with you...LOL

Your mom is just plain awesome. I don't know if you realize it but everyone's mom isn't like her. ;-) She not only takes your boys but WANTS too, and enjoys them? Wow, that is just awesome Laney! We all have our warts but really, your family is awesome.

About the dentist, I recently took Alyssa to get 2 cavities filled. They were shallow so they didn't need X-rays but they do that new panaramic xray thing so it isn't as painful anymore. Anyway, the dentist was so patient and endearing to Lyss that she ate up the attention and was a perfect angel. She did so well that they let her take 20 toys from the "treasure chest" on the way out instead of the usual 7. Kids are just awesome aren't they? Howjust being good at the dentist can make you swell with pride, who'd have thunk it? lol

Being a mom is awesome!

So, you sure you can't come my way? I'll keep the chiggers and tornadoes away...LOL

mamabear said...

I hope the boys have a great time camping with grandma. She is absolutely wonderful with them. And even better, is that she thoroughly enjoys their company, and she delights in all that they do. what a great mom you have!

I can sympathize with John having his tooth pulled having recently gone through that myself. But tell him I think he's very brave, I had to make the oral surgeon put me to sleep.

I see it's 4 more days till your anniversary. Do you have any big plans? What number is this one?

I really think your house is beautiful. I'm with Jess, I love those kinds of houses you live in. I hope that everything works out for you guys. Praying for God's will.

Give Joe extra hugs and kissies, I'm sure he is going to miss his brothers this week.


CMB said...

I was so surprised I forgot to mention it. Your house is for sale? Good luck - it really is adorable. It looks so big! Any news on Kevin?

Dy said...

What a week it's been! I'm so excited for the relocation, and am praying for it to go well and according to God's plan.

Your heart cannot break, you know - it's too big and too full of all that love. But boy, it does sure feel like it's ready to burst when those little guys are so sweet, so brave, and so darned cute, doesn't it? *sniff, sniff*

Enjoy your quiet time to plan and get things lined up. Are you going up for a couple of day, at least, so you don't miss the whole expedition?

And how's that eye? ;-) I didn't notice any typos, so you must be feelin' pretty good!