July 28, 2005

Too Tired For A Title

So. Tired. Must. Wake. Up.


Last night I stayed up way too late! Kevin had to work, actually he was told he had to stay, because this merciless heat has been putting such a strain on the power and we were expecting severe thunderstorms. (Incidentally, they did not happen, which is the way it always goes.) I really missed him and decided to wait up to see his sweet face, a mistake I shall not be making again!

We had a conversation about my blog that was funny:

K: I read your blog this morning.
L: Why didn't you leave a comment?
K: I don't always know what to say. (pause) You're a bigger blessing to me than I am to you.
L: No, sweetie, that's not true. Why didn't you write that? (what he just said)
K: Because I don't want to put my deepest feelings out there for everyone to read. (Whoops! I just did that for you!!)
L: I'm just glad that you think I am funny.
K: I know you work hard at it.
L: No, it just comes naturally.
K: (He starts to laugh)...Now that's funny!

The boys are making their beds and getting ready for art camp and Joe is babbling about shoes. I am nursing my fifth cup of coffee in an hour and a half and my eyeballs are starting to vibrate. All in all, it's a regular morning in the Press On household.

It has been a very busy week here and I have neglected my blog but there is not much to report. The horrible heat wave broke last night and so we are finally cooling off. It was getting so bad, I was afraid to go outside lest I spontaneously combust! Yesterday I had to prepare a meal for a girl at church who just had her first baby. What a labor of love that was! Not the cooking itself, but the turning on of the oven! The oven temperature was equal to that of our attic. Alright, enough whining about the heat!

Like all normal crazy people, I went for a run Tuesday night when the temperature went down to, ohh, like 92 degrees! (I know I said no more complaining about the heat, but this is funny) Laurie came over to pick my mother up to go to the store. When she observed that I had been running she said:
Laurie: Did you go for a run?
Laney: Yes, it's not that bad in the shade when the sun goes down.
Laurie: Wait, were you running in this state?

She cracks me up! She wrote a great little ditty about Grace, if you are so inclined to follow the link.

Have a great day!!


CMB said...

Laurie is funny! You are brave and Kevin is a sweetheart!

Carrie said...

Ah -- Father Goose! Yes, we've watched that one, I just forgot to put it on my list. That's been a fave of mine since I was a little girl. I had a huge crush on Cary Grant -- how disappointed I was to realize he was as old as my Grandpa!

RANDI said...

The heat finally passed us by too! YEAH!!!

Chord of Three Strands said...

We cooled down to 85 today and not much humidity.

My hubby doesn't read my blog or note...which he cant do since he doesnt read...

I finally did the survey you tagged me with.....

Jess said...

I used to get disappointed that DH wasn't an articulate speaker or avid reader like me. Then I realized there's probably only room for one of those in the family...LOL With 5 kids, one of them will like to read right? ;-) He reads my blog every once in awhile (it pains him to read anythign long) but next to never comments, I'd like to say it's a guy thang but I read some male blogs. I guess I always wanted Geo to blog but I shoudl be careful what I wish for, I think I like him just as he is. (and the world would see *his* side - yikes) ;-)

You have an awesome hubby and an overall great family. It's cool that your sister and mom blogs too!

I need more sleep too, I hope you are sleeping already! lol It makes the day so hard. Oh and the heat cooled down to about 80 the past few days but I still aint running, you are crazy. ;-) Just like my aunt that says Arizona is a "dry heat". It's not dry when I'm dripping! ;-)

Laney said...

Jess, You kill me!! You are so funny!

Laurie said...

Thanks for the nod girlfriend!! I love you. Run a mile for me next time!!

Dy said...

I loved your conversation. That is so sweet. Zorak is the other way around. He'll read (or tell me he read at work - he won't comment, though), and I'm waiting for the laughs... waiting... waiting. Then he nods his head and moves on to something else.
Z: That was very good, honey.
D: WHAT? Didn't you read the bit about...?
Z: Yes. It was funny.
D: You didn't laugh.
Z: It was still funny. I love you.

It's like living w/ Ben Stein when it comes to getting a chuckle out of him, though. I never know when I've hit the nail or missed it by a city block.