September 2, 2005

My Apologies to Frank DeVol and Sherwood Schwartz

The Crazy Bunch

Here's the story, of a girl named Laney
Who was bringing up three very active boys
All of them have hair of brown, like their mother
The youngest one throws toys.

Here's the story, of a man named Kevin
Who was busy working very far away
He was sad, but couldn't leave
Even though it was Laney's birthday.

So she said that she would not be sad on this day
She knew that she had blessings all around
This group would be together someday
And her sanity would then again be found.

The Crazy Bunch, the Crazy Bunch, that's the way we became the Crazy Bunch.

Yes, today is my birthday, and I am 34. I expect to see my comment box flooded with comments, that's all I really want.

I feel guilty and selfish, not good birthday feelings. I feel guilty because I received beautiful cards from my dear family and friends and a large majority of my fellow Americans do not even have a pillow to lay their weary heads on. I feel selfish because I want my husband home, when he is simply trying to restore power and hope to people crippled by disaster. Yuck! It's not eloquent, but, yuck! My birthday wish is for comfort for those who mourn and hope for those who despair. Pray for your fellow citizens today, please.


Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday Laney!!!

I am thankful for you, and your humor and spirit.

Hang in there and I hope you get as many comments as your age!!!


Carrie said...

Oh, Laney, Happy Birthday! And it's not selfish to want your husband to be home with you. He is doing God's work, though, and you will both be blessed for your sacrifice -- not to mention all the people Kevin is blessing. Your blog is one of my favorite spots that I check every day. I hope you have a blessed day!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday, Laney!

A Blog sistah in GA whom you may not have known you had.


Dana said...

Dana is Hiddenart on Donna's roll

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear heart!!
No, you are not selfish-you are human & you miss Kevin.
You are a beautiful spirit who holds so much love for others!!
Have a fabulous day...the best is yet to come.
34...still a kid!!!
Hugs & best wishes...


Jersey Girl said...

Happy Birthday dear daughter who is not selfish but quite witty and talented with a tender heart.
I am so proud of the woman you are.

patricklaffey said...

Happy Birthday again Laney. It was a lot of fun singing to you today and you were very gracious and let me finish the whole thing. It is my wish to you that you get flooded with comments as Kevin is working in the flood. May you be flooded with the knowledge that my heart overflows with love for you.


Carrie said...

What sweet comments from your mom and dad -- how precious!

L said...

Popping in via Donna's blog to wish you a happy b-day, Laney!


Jules said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ba-beee!!!

Try to imagine me singing on key, in person, giving you a big birthday hug!

It must be tough for you right now, but I hardly think it is selfish of you to be wantin' your man home to celebrate with! Go easy on yourself, girlfriend! ;)

I am praying for Kevin's safety and your sanity while he is away. Just rest in the knowledge that he is able to help. Most of us want to help so badly but have no means to do so, except with money.

melissa in VA said...

Happy Birthday Blog sistah! Now, you come and wishe me a happy birthday tomorrow! And guess what? My dh will be gone too. I know it's hard, i do. And I am trying hard not to have a pitty party! Here's to birthdays celebrated....later. Hang in there.

RANDI said...

Happy Birthday, Laney! Maybe you and your hubby can do an after b-day celebration!

Writing and Living said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Laney....

I'm younger than you!

But not by much!

Seriously, I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm sure the people down south really appreciate you sharing your husband.


Dy said...

Well, if you and Melissa will just pack it up and come on down, we'll treat you and all the kids to a day of boating on the river, BBQ on the banks, and then I will watch all eight hundred children while you and Melissa go running. It's safer that way, trust me.


Have those babies kiss you, ok?

P.S. I literally LOL'd at the song. That was an excellent rendition!

Classical Home said...

Happy, happy day, Laney!!


mamabear said...

Happy Birthday, dear Laney!

Sending you virtual Hugs the day after.
I know how that feels not having your husband around on your birthday (or other major holidays. It's no fun. No that you are loved! By many apparently. :-)

Jess said...

LOL@that song, especially "the youngest one throws toys". You are infamous at getting songs stuck in my head, *sigh*

Sorry I couldn't comment on the day but you should know you are loved by many Laney-poo and I am one of them! Hope you had a fantastic day and the time flies by until Kevin is home again. I can definately sympathize with you after we did that 1.5yr with Geo on the road.


Linda said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Laney!

May the Lord pour out His richest blessings upon you and your family in the year ahead.

You are a special Blog Sistah!

Love in Christ,