October 3, 2005


I was going to post a long blog about today but, Kevin got real chatty all of a sudden and we have been conversing for the better part of an hour and a half. Today was a very busy and long day so I am going to head off to bed. Tomorrow the boys start school and they seem excited, I on the other hand, am going to need some grief counseling. *wry grin*

Update tomorrow!!

Meet me for coffee, K?


Dy said...

Ok *sip* I'm here!

Oh... um... you meant in the morning?? Ohhhhh... *sheepish grin* Well, alrighty, then. I'll be back!


mamabear said...

Count me in too!
Will be prayin' for you tomorrow dear.

love dawn

Carrie said...

Will be praying tomorrow. God is faithful!

Karen said...
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Anonymous said...

We have a field trip today so I'll be back for coffee later. ((Laney)), I am praying everything goes well this morning.


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

The coffee is brewing, so let's just sit back & chat...at least in our hearts.
Have a wonderful day my beautiful sister-friend. You & Joe do something "rewee awesome" (in the words of my grandson, the mighty Little Wolf) together 'cause he will miss his brothers also.
Blessed be...

Dy said...

Good morning, my friend. I am here, coffee in hand, creamed up. Breakfast is done, and in your honor, it was something healthy. Shhhh. Don't let that get out, ok? And don't think this means I'm going to move this body over 3.5mph, either. ;-)

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday morning. Kiss those babies!