December 19, 2005

No News

This is what we did on Saturday! The boys had a Cub Scout parking lot clean-up at our church in the morning and then we went to our friend's house for some brunch and gingerbread house decorating.

Jeremy and Kenny were trying to decide if they should eat the candy or decorate with it. Decisions, decisions! That's Kenny's mom, Jen's hand there on the left. She puts Martha Stewart to shame. She had a gingerbread house for each one of the kids and she's the fun mom who doesn't care how much icing lands on the floor. I could take some lessons from her!

After the kids, young and old, were adequately sugared up, they hopped on the quads. The big kid in the middle is Kevin. Jeremy is on the left and John is on the right. To say that they had fun is an understatement! It was just plain raw out on Saturday and they rode those quads for over two hours. Kevin made asked me to take a ride with him on the big quad; I reluctantly agreed. Call me crazy but, riding a four wheeler through the woods in 30 degree weather is not my idea of a good time. But, to please my husband, I went. He promised to go slow and just to make sure he did, I took Joe as protection. I am now referring to the adventure as the Ride O' Death. I Joe, on the other hand, loved it.

Here he is, sitting on the motorcycle. And no, we did not let him ride it alone.

I'm sure you can probably guess by now that we have not heard anything about the job. To say that we are getting frustrated is to put it mildly. Kevin is ready to move down to N.C. anyway and get a job at Wal-Mart as the guy that puts the smiley face on your receipt. I wonder how much that job pays?

I appreciate all of the well wishes, they do help.

In the meantime, we are looking to the finish!


Jody said...

I was going to ask if the houses were pre-constructed. Good thing they were... I've tried to put those up- it's not easy!

melissa in VA said...

Ooooo we do a gingerbread house EVERY year. It is a tradition that we started a long time ago. We have done log cabins, to Santa's toy shop, to our own home! It is really fun, and we always take a picture. On Jan.1st the kids get to destroy it, (which I think that they like better than making it).
ARGH! I wish y'all would hear something! I know how frustrating that is. I'll keep praying.
So Jealous of the quads! That is on our list....but, it's a ways down right now!

Jess said...

Oh how fun! As for Walmart, don't do it. DH once applied for a 2nd job there and they were being generous by offering him $6 an hour. >8-O Yikes.

Looks like you guys had so much fun this weekend. Those Gingerbread houses look so good! I miss Dy, she was the mom that didn't care if paint/food/anything hit the floor when we were over. ;-)

Still praying!


Jules said...

Hey Laney!
So sorry you haven't heard anything yet- waiting is so hard. We are all praying for you!

I laughed at your Ride 'O Death story! I enjoy the ATV's but not in cold weather- you are a good sport. ;)

And Kevin at Wal-Mart putting smiley faces on receipts? It might get you to NC, but your Nordstrom days would be over, my friend! ;)

Try to think about something else- like the magic of Christmas, instead of spending energy on subliminal messages to get "them" to call you! ;)

Laney said...

ROFL!! Jules, I am totally rethinking the Wal-Mart job after the Nordstrom comment. You scared the crap out of me!! LOLOL!!

Jess said...

ROFL Laney, I've never even stepped foot in Nordstroms. I feel like I'm being fancy when I shop the discount racks at Penneys...rofl Wal-Marts and Thrift Stores are my friend. I'm TLC "What Not to Wear"'s worst nightmare...hehehe

BTW, our family watched a documentary on electricity the other day and there was a segment on linemen. Wow, do we appreciate what your DH does for us!


RANDI said...

We made gingerbread houses this weekend too. The kids ended up high on sugar and soda!! Holiday fun, fun, fun!

RANDI said...

Oops! I meant to add that I hope you hear SOON about the job!!! I can imagine that this is very tough for you guys! Hang in there!