April 24, 2006

Get Real Monday

Randi asked us to post what we do to re-energize or relax for Let's Get Real Monday. So here it is, this is really how I relax. A nice four mile run on a beautiful spring morning, who could ask for more?

What do you do to relax?
Look to the finish!


Sue said...

Just stopped in from Randi's. Isn't it wonderful to be outside in the springtime? We walk about 3 miles every day!

momyblogR said...

OK....in my world, running does not equal relaxation, EVER, lol!

I'd have to say reading, that is my thing. However, there isn't much time for that.

Kristie said...

Hats off to you for liking to run. Looks like a pretty neighborhood and you probably get some good time to think and grab some endorphins. That's relaxing!

RANDI said...

Laney, you are my hero! I have to force myself to excercise in the morning. I wish that I could change into someone more like you and then I would do it more often!

Dy said...

Um, I sit here eating chocolate and thinking, "There is something very wrong with that woman..."

Carol said...

A healthy one! Very good. Most of us chose stuff where we sit on our duffs. Run, Laney, run! We'll watch.

Jess said...

Ooh it looks so pretty there!

Running isn't relaxing to me either. Walking is though. Walking in air conditioning sounds even better. Oooh wait! Walking in a/c with a reality TV show on. No wait I got it! Walking in a/c with a reality tv show on and a chocolate bar in my hand - and coffee brewing, that's it! Ahhhh relaxation at it's finest...hehe

Love the pic, you're a babe!

Writing and Living said...

A couple of years ago, I would have thought you were crazy for saying running was relaxing.

But I've been running for a year now, and I get it. It really IS relaxing. Who'da thunk it?


CMB said...

Good for you! I feel exercise is relaxing too, that is why I wish I had more time to do it! Love the neighborhood - VERY pretty.