April 26, 2006

Homeschool Fun

A little take on Dy's School Yard Fun post. I titled mine, Homeschool Fun, because...well...because we have been having fun!

Homeschool Fun

1) Cutting class in the afternoon to go to the beach. No detention for cutting, just sunburn where you missed with the sunscreen.

2) Going to the park just 'cause we feel like it.

3) The excited squeals of, "Mommy, there's a lizard in the fireplace again," (*shudder*) mean a lesson on how that little sucker got in there, how he can get out, how he can breathe, why he isn't burned up and how to contact 911 to revive mommy should the lizard escape from the fireplace and she faints.

4) A trip to the local Wal-Mart is not only a lesson in home economics but a lesson in, er, Southern culture.

5) Recess means two hours at the skatepark.

6) Loading the dishwasher is a lesson in geometry as well as an essential life skill.

7) Math is always more fun when you use chocolate chips as manipulatives.

8) Deciding that we just have to stop doing Grammar to watch the Blue Jays play on the deck.

9) Looking up skateboard terms on the internet is considered research.

10) Watching your children use their baby brother to demonstrate how the Earth revolves and rotates. It's funny. Trust me.

Tell me yours!

Look to the finish!


CMB said...

I envy you. I will be putting David in public school when the time comes. I really wish I was able to be home and school him myself. It seems so rewarding to the schooler and the schoolee. Keep up the great work!

mindy said...

1. We use chocolate covered raisins instead of chocolate chips (we really like to focus on healthy manipulatives!)
2. My son asking for more memory work on their CD because then they get to play longer (They can play or color while they say their memory work as long as I can hear them.)
3. We are looking forward to daily swimming lessons at my parent's pool.

Dy said...

Oh, Laney! You have to have them act out hydrogenation! It's hilarious - especially fun w/ the little guy involved!

These were delightful - thanks for taking the ball and running with it.


RANDI said...

I am so jealous that you can ditch school and go to the beach! It is fun at this time of the year when things are wrapping up in school, to take some time and do something fun! We are not doing school today but it is so that we can clean--AARGH!

CMB said...

Has JJ Construction done any work? I check his blog, but I haven't seen a new post. I miss reading about his projects. Put that boy to work! HeheHaha