April 22, 2006

The Joy of Wood

Right after we moved into the house we needed to buy some furniture. The boys bunk beds were given away, oh like, five minutes before we closed on our old house. I'll just say this about that. My husband is a wonderful, wonderful man and so I forgive him for loading the moving truck so full of shovels and bricks and various and sundry items that we were not able to bring which belong to she who does not appreciate bricks.

Yes, we moved 150 pounds of bricks. Why? Because Kevin made a promise to John that his building materials would survive the hands of she who does not appreciate bricks.


We got bricks, but we don't got beds.

In the beginning of March we went and ordered new furniture for the boys and a new entertainment armoire for the living room. It was all ordered on March 8. This past Thursday we should have received a call from the furniture place to let us know that the wooden eagle had landed. They didn't call. I was surprisingly calm. I hold people to their deadlines, but I let this one slide. I called on Friday instead.

I called in the afternoon and got through to a woman, name unknown. Our conversation was too funny to not recall every detail:

Lady: Furniture company.

Me: HI! We ordered some furniture and I was calling to see if it had arrived to your warehouse yet.

Lady: How long ago did you order it?

Me: Six weeks ago. I was thinking that it should have arrived by now.

Lady: Well, I wouldn't know that unless I went to check the files.

Silence, while she goes to check, only she totally does not go to check. She sits on the phone, breathing in my ear.

Me: Blink. Blink. O.K. I guess I should call back then.

Lady: Yep. Call back.

I hang up, tell Kevin what happened and we both crack up! He calls back and asks to speak with our salesman, which I should have done to begin with. Our salesman says the furniture just arrived and they will be here today to deliver it.

Happy dance!!! Boys off the floor!!! T.V. behind doors!!!

When the delivery guys arrived this morning they told us that one of the side units was damaged when the inspected the pieces and they have to order us a new one. I was mildy disappointed until they opened the boxes. Behold! The soothing power of new furniture. Real furniture that I don't have to put together or have a fight with my husband about who should be using the phillips head screw driver first while putting it together.

Damaged piece or not, it's beautiful.

And now, without further adieu, the boys rooms.

This is John's. Notice the non-themed bedding. Still choking back tears over that one.

Jeremy's room. Aaargh, Matey's! If ye be enterin' me room without knockin, it's Davey Jones locker for ye!

It's a pirate theme, obviously. I haven't completely lost my mind.

Look to the finish!


Dy said...

Oh, so cool! I love the rooms. LOVE the beds. I keep threatening to hit the Naval Salvage Yard to pick up the ship bunks so we can stack them all against one wall. :-)

And now you have a TV behind doors! OK, that's where I quit being happy and begin to envy. (Pause while I envy quietly.) That's gotta be nice. I like my TV not to be the focal point of the house, which is rather difficult now, as it's perched atop the, um, wood burning stove... ahem. Yes. So. Enjoy for me, too!!


Dy said...

Hey, totally OT, but I found the one you mentioned the other day on the phone. I am laughing my butt off. OMG. Can't breathe. Thank you!


Jersey Girl said...

Too funny, Dy, about the TV being the focal point of the room. You could be my daughter Laurie writing that about the TV in her new house - Right ABOVE the fireplace!

Jersey Girl said...

At last! Lovely furniture in spacious private rooms for wonderful boys. I am delighted.

Jules said...

Love the rooms!! The furniture looks awesome.
*wistful sigh* Someday I want to be able to order furniture and not have to put it together myself... ;) Then we will have "arrived"!