April 21, 2006

A Little Park Goes a Long Way

Yesterday we had the most glorious day! I was up around 6:15 and the boys began to stir about an hour later. In the morning, before their energy level has peaked and they begin to bounce off of the walls and squeal with delight at being alive, we just usually kick back until 9 a.m. Yesterday was no different.

We had breakfast and talked about what the days activities included. John is very much like me, he wants to know what is going on and who will be involved in those goings on. We decided to stick close to home and await our fearless leaders (read Kevin) return from his week away at work.

After breakfast we did our Bible lesson. We have been using a book by Kay Arthur called, Wrong Way, Jonah! It is a book in a series about how to teach your children to study the
bible inductively and we have really been enjoying our time in it. The kids act like reporters, digging for facts and clues to the story. I, once again, have been amazed with their insight and the great discussions that we have had regarding obedience and why it is important.

After Bible we tackle Latin. Joe sits with us for Bible but by the time we begin Latin, he's ready to hightail it out of the room. I have discovered the secret to keeping in the room though, Pop-Tarts. They are like baby crack. The rustling of the foil wrapper is enough to bring him running from any corner of the house. Now, don't send me nasty mail about how cruel it is to coerce a two year old into sitting through a 15 minute Latin lesson, he likes it. Plus, once you have heard him say, Pleni sunt cheli one time, you just have to hear it again because it.is.so.adorable!

After Bible and Latin, we head for the park. One of the best things about our neighborhood is that we have a park nine-tenths of a mile away from us. There is a beautiful paved path around the perimeter of the park that is 1.6 miles long. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a jogging stroller at a yard sale for $10. Score!! Our park adventure includes the boys riding their bikes to the park while I run with Joe in the jogging stroller. When Joe gets a little stronger (and taller) we'll switch.

We head to the playground and they run around and swing on the swings for about 45 minutes and then we head back home to finish school work. This break has done wonders for us and the efficiency of our day. Something about getting fresh air and exercise. Wooftie! It's great.

Our days have taken a new shape, one of fun and enjoyment, and it has really been more than I bargained for. I was talking to Dy yesterday and I said to her, "I know it sounds cheesy and overused, but I feel so blessed to be living here." I really do.

Look to the finish!


Amy from Ezekiel's Garden said...

I certainly won't send nasty mail about PopTarts, 2yos, and Latin lessons! I may, however, ask you if the generic brand works just as well, and do you think it is baby-cruelty to do it to the under-2 set? Haha!!! Score on the stroller, and love the park, too. Sounds absolutely fabulous! :)

Laney said...

To be honest, I have never tried the generic brand as I am a Pop-Tart snob. I feel the same way about way about generic Oreo's. *snort*

Very funny! :-)

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

What a wonderful day!! You are blessed. Do you have to pop the tart or does Joe eat them raw??? I prefer raw.

Have a wonderful weekend with all the boys. Glad Kevin will be home.


RANDI said...

It is so wonderful when life feels like it "fits"! Enjoy!

mamabear said...

Ah, me too, Sleepless. None of that 'poppin' needed for me! :-)
Glad to hear you guys are are settled in, Laney, and things are going well. Brings a smile to my face today.

Jersey Girl said...

Can you teach him to sing his "Ding dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch, the wicked witch..." in Latin, too? More than Pop Tarts for that, I guess.
Love your post, I feel at peace reading it.
Love you guys

Jess said...

That's how I felt when I moved to Oklahoma. I'm so glad you're "home". When I go back to NY to visit I feel like I don't belong. I'm glad you have found the perfect fit for you guys!

Oh, do you have good neighbors? ;-)