April 19, 2006

Pottery Class

Yesterday the boys had art. They go to a wonderful art school about 15 minutes away from us and are currently taking a clay class. The class just finished making piggy banks. Jeremy made a shark and John made a dog. I don't have to tell you that theirs are the best in the class! *wink*

Their teacher is an adorable young girl who has an infectious amount of enthusiasm for clay which has spilled onto my boys. I may have two little sculptors on my hands! There is one little girl in the class who "isn't very nice" according to Jeremy. On the way home he began to tell me the things that she said to him.

Jeremy: She wasn't nice about you, mommy.

Me: What do you mean, honey.

Jeremy: I told her that I got a chocolate crocodile in my Easter basket and she said that you are only supposed to get chicks and bunnies. Easter isn't about crocodiles.

Me: Wow. It sounds like she doesn't have much of an imagination.

Jeremy: I told her that my mom knows what I like and it's crocodiles.

I was kind of at a loss as to what to say because I really wanted to turn the truck around, find the offending child and spin her on the pottery wheel for a few hours. Knowing that this would set a very poor example to my children about conflict resolution, I refrained.

I explained to Jeremy that not everyone would always be nice to him and that that made me sad. I told him that we are supposed to be kind to people, no matter how they treat us. I asked him to use his best self-control and continue to be kind to her. He said, "If I keep on being nice to her, she'll be nice to me. Right?"

I told him that I hope so. If not, there is a pottery wheel in her future.

Look to the finish!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Ok, now I will laugh all morning at the thought of a small girl spinning madly,hair flying, on the pottery wheel as you laugh demonically. I just love your posts!
Poor Jeremy...it always saddens me when the world begins to affect children's perception. Too bad this little girl is unimaginative. Makes one wonder about her home life. Tell Jeremy Easter is about everything including crocodiles. I think Jesus would have loved the choco-croc!!

Blessed be...& hugs to Jeremy!

CMB said...

How funny and cute are kids? I am so glad they are enjoying their art class. It sounds like a lot of fun. As for the little girl, she sounds like she needs to be put in her place, but you were right in telling Jeremy to treat her kind anyway. Doesn't it just break your heart when others are not nice to our kids? I am with you on the spin on the pottery wheel - let me know if you need some back up :)

Laney said...

Thanks for playing anonymous. It takes an awful lot of courage to hide behind an untraceable moniker.

Laurie said...

Hey Lanie - Loved the post and was very disturbed by the comment!
Don't let it upset you. Anyone who knows you can atest to your kind heart and your passionate love for your children. That is what came through.I know you and know that you are very bothered that someone would twist your words. Hey girl- "Press On"!! I love you!!!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

I second Laurie's comments. Only cowards are afraid to hide their identity. Had anonymous on my "Resurrection" entry also. Very anti-Christian. Hope he/she does not continue to spread their venum in blogland.
You are a fabulous young woman!! Dedicated to God, family, & friends.
Keep the faith.

Blessed be...

Laney said...

Sorry girls,I deleted the troll's comments. She wasn't playing nice and therefore does not get to play at all.

Dy said...

Good for you, Laney! I do love having a total dictatorship in my comments box - folks don't have to agree w/ me, but they don't get to be jackasses. ;-) (I love that word.)

It just breaks my heart that children - and adults - feel the need to be condescending and/or unflexible about "how things should be". Sounds like Jeremy handled it very well - I love this quote "my mom knows what I like and it's crocodiles" - that's going to make me smile all day!


Laney said...

Just one more reason why I love you, Dy!!!:-)