August 30, 2006

Three Things About my Children

Carrie tagged me for the Three Things meme. This was a fun meme, let me know if you decide to do it.

Three Things about John:
-He is the hardest working kid you will ever meet. Seriously, people tell me all the time how they can't get over what a hard worker he is. He will do any job, weed wacking, mowing the lawn, raking, sweeping, building a house, taking down trees, putting in new doors or windows. I mean anything. He's quite unbelievable.
-He is starting to develop this really terrific sense of humor. He "gets" so many of my bad jokes and has begun making up his own. He is able to laugh at himself, too, which is pretty rare in a lot of kids.
-He has an amazing memory.

Three Things about Jeremy:
-He is the most tenacious child I know. If he thinks that he is not good at something, he will do it over and over until he has perfected whatever feat it was that he was trying to accomplish. He will jump his skateboard 5o times until he lands it perfectly. He will sound out a new word and then repeat it to perfection. He is undaunted in his pursuit of amazing skimboarding. He never gives up.
-He is an amazing artist. He draws on anything that he can find, which I don't always appreciate, especially when it's my leather truck interior, but I appreciate his love for art. He has said that he wants to design skimboards and skateboards when he grows up.
-He has an uncanny sense of rhythm and music. He can hear a few beats from a song and play it on his guitar like nobody's business.

Three Things about Joe:
-He is funny. I mean, he is funny! He cracks us up with his sweet little voice and his big boy opinions and ideas. He's two going to 30.
-He is a lover. He will frequently walk up to me, step right on my bare toes and say, "I wanna pick you up, mommy." I pick him up and he will rub my back or touch me face or play with my hair. He says, "I wuv you, mommy" unprompted. I could cry right now thinking of it.
-He is smart. I know every parent says that their children are smart, but he is really smart. His reasoning skills and vocabulary will often force me to look at him and say, "You didn't just say that."

What a great meme. I love bragging aboout my children, I need to do that more.

Thanks, Carrie!

Look to the finish!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

How wonderful!!! Such great things to know...& say about your kids. KEEP THIS FOR EACH OF THEM in a special folder. Just for them & give it to them on a special day years from now-graduation, marriage, first child, etc. Believe me they will treasure this so much later in life. It would make a nice inclusion in a birthday card at 21 too.
You are such a wonderful Mom!! You just bless me so much.
Many times parents think these types of things about their children but never say it, especially to the kids. So, keep up the good work. I am very proud of you!!

Peace, love, joy....

Laney said...

I love you, Sleepless! Your comments always make me smile!

Jersey Girl said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! and AMEN! I love those boys.

Jersey Girl said...

Oh, and, I agree with Sleepless. You should print them out and keep them for a future special day. I am printing this right now myself

Carrie K. said...

Your boys sound so great - if you ever get up our way or we get down your way, we'll have to get your three boys together with my three boys! (How's that for a run-on sentence!)

mommy to four j's said...

Your family sounds like a real blessing. You have such wonderful things to say about each one of your kids. You can tell that you really enjoy being a mommy. All of my kids names also start with J's.

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