December 13, 2006

Christmas Photo?


Bonus! Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. Kevin wanted to be in the picture this year as it is our first year in our new home. You know what that meant right?

Figuring out just how to use the timer and once figuring it out, sprinting to get myself in the picture with the men.

Surprisingly, no one was injured or cried during the taking of this photo.:-)

Look to the finish!


Michele said...

You all look wonderful! The boys are getting so big. Merry Christmas, Elaine!

Donna Boucher said...

Did you paint the walls for your Christmas photo???

You did a wonderful job and that is very sweek Kevin wanted to be in the picture this year! Everyone will be happy to see your whole family!

mamabear said...

You guys make a beautiful family! Love the photo!
...oh, and what's with mom wearing shoes, and everyone else in socks and bare feet? :-)


Carrie K. said...

Great picture!

Jess said...

Great shot! Joe is getting so big. What handsome boys you have (including Kevin - lol)

Randi said...

The walls look so seasonal! ;)

You guys are a great looking family!

andie said...

What a great picture, Laney!

Our basement rumpus/family/chaos room is the same color, not that you can see it for all the boxes right now...:)

Lovely family.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Beautiful picture.
Wishing you & your lovely family a very Merry & Blessed Christmas!!

Blessed be....

Jules said...

Great picture!! You do have the cutest boys.

Have a great Christmas!! it's nice to see you posting again. ;)