April 15, 2007

Heard 'Round Da House

Last week the boys were doing push-ups. Lest you think that we exercise 24/7, I must tell you they were simply attempting to prolong going to bed. Their mission was successful because the push-up coup lasted 20 minutes. It ended with Kevin's famous last words, "Hey! Can you do one handed push-ups?"

I said, "No. Can you, Arnold?

He said that he could but not without this disclaimer...

"There may be some cracking noises. Don't worry."


"Do you think that I am a handsome man?" Kevin asked me just a little while ago.

"No. You are hideous." Pause. "Honey, you are adorable and you know it. Just out of curiosity, why do you ask?"

"Well, at the concert Friday night there were people staring at me."

"You probably had food on your face." I said.


Look to the finish!


Bridget said...

There's nothing like a little confidence building. ha ha Sounds like a conversation that could have been heard in our house.

Kevin said...

Since when did this "HOMESCHOOL BLOG" become about me? My how you have strayed!

Laney said...

I can't help it, sweetie, you are my whole world! :-)

Dy said...

ROFL. The truth of everlasting love: humor. Er, something like it. I'm glad we're not the only ones who have conversations like that.

And Kevin, truly, we're just thrilled she's blogging. Sorry you had to be dragged into it, but you do make great blog material! :-)