April 5, 2007


Yesterday Joe brought a dead lizard into the house. Yes. I said dead lizard. Has this child learned nothing of his mother?

I was loading the lunch dishes into the dishwasher when I heard the mudroom door open and the sound of little feet running into the kitchen. He passed the kitchen and ran to the living room where the boys were playing with their friend, Micah.

"Hey look boys!" he exclaimed. "He's looking for his mommy and daddy."

"JOE!! Put that down." I heard them yell.


And then...

"Mom! Joe brought a dead lizard into the house."

I went to investigate and sure enough, a dead lizard was, in fact, laying on the floor. Joe looked at me and said, "That's my lizard, Mommy."

I went to get a tissue, picked up the rigor mortised creature and headed for the toilet where I sent him swirling into his afterlife.

"Where's he going, Mommy?" Joe asked.

"He's going to heaven, Joe." I responded.

"Oh he's going to heaven with his mom and with his dad."

This morning he asked me if the lizard was still in heaven and I replied in the affirmative. I hope. All I need is for a lizard to come jumping out of the toilet and onto my tush. Wouldn't that be a fine how do ya do!

Look to the finish!

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melissa said...

BWAHAHAHA! Go take a look over at the movie on my blog, to see what my kid's been doing with reptiles!It could definitely be worse! ACK!

(glad you're back!)