April 2, 2010

Fashion Friday- The Easter Edition

Some of my most favorite childhood memories involve Easter. It was a holiday that seemed to span the month rather than just one day. I recall the anticipation of hunting for the basket, the fun of dying eggs and laughingly arguing over who had the best egg, the excitement of finally getting to wear the fancy new dress, and the joy of spending time with extended family.

I will never forget the year that my mother bought me my first pair of pantyhose. I could not wait to wear them! They were a nude color, and I wore them with flat white sandals. I thought who I was! I have since come to realize that pantyhose are a product of the devil designed exclusively to cut off a woman's circulation and subject her to torture. Also, the pantyhose dance is the great equalizer. Everyone looks like a spastic contortionist when putting them on.

I have stopped shopping for a yearly Easter dress. I don't know why. But last week I found Ruche and it bore in me the desire to purchase a new dress exclusively for Easter.

The perfect little Easter dress layered under the perfect little Easter coat.

Also from the same site, this adorable hat. weathered sails bucket hat

And some accessories to dress up jeans and a T-shirt.

sands of time oval ring

marigold enamel flower

golden daisy sparrow drop earrings

What is your favorite part of Easter?


Wendy P said...

wow Elaine! love your blog!!!!! And that dress is fantastic!

Laney said...

Thanks, Wendy. I love the coat, it's my new favorite thing. :-)