March 8, 2010

One moment

This was my favorite moment from the Oscars. Mo'nique was being interviewed after she won the Oscar. She was so honest and real and I found it refreshing.

Cnn reporter, "As awful as Mary Jones was, did you see any of yourself in her?"

Mo'Nique, "Yes, in that last scene. And, I'll ask you, 'Have you ever had a dark moment when you were unlovable? (pause) I'm asking you the question."


"Didn't you want someone to love you through it?"


"That was that same for me. For as cruel as Mary Jones was, for the monster that she was, everybody, and I don't care who you are and crime you have committed, everybody deserves to be loved, even when they are unlovable."

A good reminder to love the people around us.


mindy said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again! :-)

Laney said...

Thanks, Mindy.:-)