April 6, 2010

Lion Taming and Book Thievery

Today is our first day back to school after a two week hiatus. Spring break and sickness have wreaked havoc on my schedule, and I am a going to pay today. I am afraid that the boys are going to stage a coup, and I am thinking that a preemptive strike might be in order. Something involving a whip and a chair perhaps?

I am also participating in the 52 books in 52 weeks. I am currently reading a book that I inadvertently "stole" from the library. Normally I am quite disciplined when it comes to returning books to the library, and I take very good care of the books that we borrow. So when I went to the library and the librarian informed me that The Well and the Mine was overdue, I was surprised. I explained to her that I returned it and she checked again. She said that it was not returned and would I please check at home for it, just in case.

I checked at home and it was not here. I simply could not find it, and I looked under and behind things, even. I could not locate the book, until I went to pack for Florida, in February. The book was in my suitcase!

I completely forgot that I packed the book last fall. We traveled out of town for a wedding and I planned on reading at night in the comfort of our hotel room. And then I remembered that my boys were going to be in the hotel room with me, and there would be no reading. Or comfort. Or quiet.

I called the library and they were, as usual, kind and forgiving. They absolved me of all fines and asked me to return the book when I am done.

So this week I am reading The Well and the Mine by Gin Miller. It drew me in from the first sentence and has kept me riveted since. I wish that I could read it right now, but my children are waiting for me to slap some larnin' on 'em.

Off to school, and to find the whip.

P.S. I know that book titles need to be underlined, but I can't figure out the code to accomplish this. Help?


Staci at Writing and Living said...

code is, I think, the letter u in the <> brackets.

mamabear said...

Last fall I checked out a magazine from the library, and I just *know* I returned it. Library said that I was full of it. Well in not so many words. I insisted I returned it. Fast forward four months.
Cleaning off the top of my dryer.
(I have no idea why it is the catch-all for junk in my house.)
And lo and behold. There it was.
Boy did I feel stupid.
I took it back.
They refunded my money.
Thou shalt not argue with the library.
They know all.
They see all.