August 31, 2010

Weather or not

Last week the weather here in New Jersey began to break, giving us a glimpse of fall. I was sad when my husband came home from work and said, "Summer is almost over." I am not ready for the summer to be over, and please don't rush the fall. Fall means that winter is around the corner and that? Oh, that depresses me. I do not like to be cold.

(In a perfect world it would always be 81 degrees with 13% humidity and no rain. Ever. Does anyone know a place where such a weather pattern exists? Please tell me because I want to go and live there.)

So, the weather here? Let's just say that Mother Nature is fickle. We had a beautiful end of the week and Saturday with temps in the high 70's. On Sunday the heat returned with a vengeance with temps topping out in the mid 90's. This makes me happy.

Lest you think this is a mind numbingly boring weather report, I do have a point.

The boys and I are holding onto our last few carefree, lazy days of summer with a tight fist. We decided to hit the skate park for some high flying antics. That is to say, they perform the high flying antics. I sit in the shade and pray that I don't have to put pressure on gigantic bleeding gashes or call 911 to reattach a severed limb.

Exhibit A: This is called "something no hander." Something is not the actual name of it, I just can't remember what the first word is. I affectionately refer to it as "could lose your hander." The boys think that I am hilarious.

This boy has no fear, it is hard to believe that I birthed him. I get scared when I have to open Pillsbury muffins. I am sure that one of these days the can is going to burst and I am going to lose an eye.

My child is the one hurtling through the air, with breakneck speed, wearing the black shirt. That is his friend on the left, he aspires to be like my oldest. His mother, and his orthopedist hope otherwise.

No montage is complete without my baby. That nose. Don't you just want to pull it off, dip it in chocolate sauce and eat it? No? Okay, it's just me.

Yesterday we had a high of 96 degrees here. Those ramps are metal, and the park floor is black top. Hot metal + black top = hot enough to pull a baked potato right out of the ground. After 2 and a half hours, the boys were done.

As we were driving home the topic of discussion was the weather, and how the boys are hoping for a break in the temperature. As the last of the sweat was trickling a river down my back, I silently agreed with them.

Fall? We are ready when you are.


rockygrace said...

Ha! Glad I'm not the only one who has to turn away when pressing the spoon to the biscuit can.

awal.ny said...

You are braver than I am, I don't think I could sit there and watch let alone take a picture. Good mom you are. If my mom even knew half of the hair raising things we did as kids, she would have been grayer than she was.

Jersey Girl said...

Is this the way you care for my grandsons??? Hah! Try stopping them... I love those guys!