June 22, 2011

Friday List

1. I took my oldest to the doctor for a physical, he needs it to get into Boy Scout camp. In one year he has grown 4 inches and gained 10 lbs, all of which is muscle. He is officially taller than me. Now when I yell at him, I yell up. Luckily I still have two other children that I can yell down to.

2. We sold the beast. The beast is Kevin's Suburban, and it was aptly named. Trust me on this one. I never understood people who named their vehicles until I met the Beast.


It is missing 60% of its original paint and its back seat, which our dog ate. The dog did not eat the paint, however. The air conditioner works when it feels like it, usually in the middle of the winter, and the heat blows at full blast on occasion rendering its passengers defenseless. People have suffered second degree burns on their ankles and severe dehydration from this glitch.

My husband, bless his heart, wanted the blue book value for it based on the fact that it has new tires and a swell stereo. I told him to take the tires off and pull the stereo out and just push what remains into a lake and wave adios. But no, he held firm and he got his price. Apparently there are other people in the world as dumb as we are.

3. I can't stop listening to this. Or watching this. The girl jumping gets me every time.

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